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in accordance with globally acceptable conditions, BRUM’S NIG, LTD. pays high attention to healthy working environment at the site where we work as well as in our office. Our health policy aims at promoting and enhancing staff/employee health while in and out of our service without endangering them.


It is both our legal and moral obligations to keep and maintain safe working environment and conditions devoid of risk and accident prone. Jointly, the management and staff are committed to ensuring prevention of risk, accident injury, damage and loss in the work place as much as practicable. To meet safety standard and requirement, our staffs are trained and retrained. Also in place is regular monitoring and supervision in work place and office as a practice in BRUM’s BASE


The human environment being our operational base, environment safety policy is of vital importance to us and is guided jealously. All levels of our personnel are in collaboration in the duty of actual monitoring and enhancement of health, safety and environment policy/protection suitable for workplace for prevention of accidents, health and workplace/industrial accident.


BRUM’S BASE NIG. LTD. upon incorporation has continued to offer credible services to her clients. We have kept afloat by leaving up to our responsibilities in the discharge of our duties as a corporate body. it is our aspiration to be a mojor player in our area of business operation.


Our Committed Team

our team of highly skilled and motivated fitters have been creating sought-after aluminum windows and doors designs for homes, hotels as well as corporate office buildings and structures, by installing quality casement windows, sliding windows, double glazing windows, UPVC sash window, vertical sliding windows, aluminum bi-fold doors, glass pane patio doors and bi-folding patio doors products, for over 7 years. we produce and install premium aluminum windows and doors. we combine local knowledge, competence and global expertise, industry leading standards, technologies and processes to support our highly skilled and trained personnel to deliver projects on budget, on time and to the highest quality and safety standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

community development is the main drive of our social responsibility policy with particular focus on community need Vis-a-vis our economic standard. in other to give back to the environment where we operate our business. This policy considers the manpower and infrastructural development of our host community. To this end, our operational plans encourage and enhance community friendly operation to arrest communal crisis. On the above basis, BRUM’S BASE NIG. LTD. corporate social responsibility targets and is founded towards:
Maintaining healthy and cordial relationship with the host community where we do our business Enhancing and improving healthy work environment for operation Respect for community culture, custom and values with high regards to traditionalinstitutions inour area of business operation. Maintain peace and co- existence with our host community.

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